SwarmTex is a swarm tactics exchange portal for creating swarm tactics in a game environment and physical testbed of air and ground robots. Acting as commander of a swarm, you will create and share tactics and compete in regular challenges in a 3D urban environment. Some tactics will be selected for deployment to the physical testbed of up to 250 robots. Our development tools will also be released through this web portal.

Latest Updates

Swarm Autonomy Sprint

OFFSET Sprint 2 focuses on Swarm Autonomy, as summarized at FedBizOpps. The goals of Sprint 2 are summarized here.

Vignette 0

The SwarmTex team demonstrated end-to-end multi-agent coordination using Robot Operating System (ROS) at FDNY Training Academy in New York City on March 9-11, 2018. We also showcased autonomous, untethered flight with our quad identifying windows/doors using RGBD Zed camera for depth mapping and collision avoidance.